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    18 hours

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    4 hours

    ESG Investing Course

    The ESG Investing Course by ESG Courses Online is entry point into the dynamic world of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing. In this online ESG program, we'll explore the principles and strategies that underpin this ESG Investing's transformative approach and ESG Strategy.

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    course contents

    What's included?

    Trading analysis

    Trading setups ranging from technical market analysis to interactive market analysis.

    Expert traders

    It takes time and effort to learn how to trade the markets. Technical and fundamental analysis of the markets are often difficult for traders to perform. Profit while learning from our trade experts.

    Successful strategies

    ProFinance will introduce you to time spreads by teaching you how to access calendar, diagonal, back-ratio, and ratio spreads so that you can increase your profits on all the previous strategies by fine-tuning the target on each leg of your multi leg option strategies.
    Meet the instructor

    Cassandra Fox

    As an expert in finance, Cassandra is particularly interested in how individuals and companies manage their finite resources. In her classes she teaches students how companies make financial decisions, and how individuals can make wise financial decisions to achieve their financial goals.
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