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ESG Ratings Companies

Latest list of ESG Ratings Companies compiled by ESG Courses Online:

1. **MSCI ESG Research**
- [MSCI ESG Research]

2. **Sustainalytics**
- [Sustainalytics](

3. **ISS ESG**
- [ISS ESG](

4. **RobecoSAM**
- [RobecoSAM](

5. **Vigeo Eiris**
- [Vigeo Eiris](

6. **Sustainalytics**
- [Sustainalytics](

7. **Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)**
- [Dow Jones Sustainability Index](

8. **CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project)**
- [CDP](

9. **Thomson Reuters ESG Research**
- [Thomson Reuters ESG Research](

10. **Truvalue Labs**
- [Truvalue Labs](

11. **Oekom Research**
- [Oekom Research](

12. **V.E (formerly Vigeo Eiris)**
- [V.E (formerly Vigeo Eiris)](

13. **ISS Corporate Solutions**
- [ISS Corporate Solutions](

14. **Bloomberg ESG Data**
- [Bloomberg ESG Data](

15. **Reprisk**
- [Reprisk](

16. **Sustainalytics**
- [Sustainalytics](

17. **Bespoke Metrics**
- [Bespoke Metrics](

18. **ISS Governance**
- [ISS Governance](

19. **Ethix SRI Advisors**
- [Ethix SRI Advisors](

20. **CSRHub**
- [CSRHub](

These companies provide various ESG rating services, and their methodologies and coverage may differ. It's essential to research and select the one that aligns with your specific ESG assessment needs or investment strategies. Additionally, always ensure you access the most up-to-date information from these sources, as the ESG landscape continues to evolve.

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